Class 10 NCERT


Chapter 1 Real numbers

Chapter 2 Polynomials

Chapter 3 Pair of linear equations in two variables

Chapter 4 Quadratic equations

Chapter  5 Arithmetic progressions

Chapter  6 Triangles

Chapter  7 Coordinate geometry

Chapter 8 Introduction to trigonometry

Chapter 8 1 Introduction

Chapter 8 2 Trigonometric ratios

Chapter  9 Some applications of trigonometry

Chapter 10 Circles

Chapter 11 Constructions

 Chapter  12 Areas related to cricles

Chapter 13 Surface areas volumes

Chapter 14 Statistics

Chapter  15 Probability


Chapter 1 Chemical reactions and equations

Chapter 2 Acids bases and salts

Chapter 3 Metals and non metals

Chapter 5 Periodic classifications of elements

Chapter  7 Control and coordination

Chapter -8 How do organisms reproduce

Chapter  10 Light reflection and refraction

Chapter 11 Human eye and colourful world

Chapter 12 Electricity

Chapter  13 Magnetic effects of electric current

Chapter  14 Sources of energy

Chapter  15 Our environment


Unit 2  Literature  Fiction

Unit 3 Literature Poetry

Unit 4 Literature  Drama

Social Science

Contemporary India I

Chapter 1 Resources and development

Chapter 2 Forest and wildlife resources

 Chapter 3 Water resources

Chapter 4 Agriculture

Chapter 5 Minerals and energy resources

Chapter 6 Manufacturing industries

Chapter 7 Lifelines of national economy

The India And The Contemporary  World

Chapter 1 The  rise of nationalism in europe

Chapter 2 Forest and wildlife resources

Chapter 3  Nationalism in india

Chapter The making of a global world

Chapter 5 The age of industrialisation

Chapter 6 Work life and leisure

Chapter 7 Print culture and the modern world

Chapter 8 Novels society and history

Understanding Economic World

Chapter 1 Development

Chapter 2 Sectors of the indian economy

Chapter 3 Money and credit

Chapter 4 Globalisation and the indian economy

Chapter 5 Consumer rights

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