Class 9 NCERT


Chapter 1 Number System

Chapter 2 Polynomials 

Chapter 3 Coordinate Geometry

Chapter 4 Linear Equatations In Two Variables

Chapter 5 Introduction To Euclid’s Gemoetry

Chapter 6 Lines And Angles

Chapter 7 Triangles

Chapter 8 Quadrilaterals

Chapter 9 Areas Of Parallelograms And Triangles

Chapter 10 Circles

Chapter 11 Constructions

Chapter 12 Heron’s Formula

Chapter 13 Surface Areas And Volumes

Chapter 14 Statistics

Chapter 15 Probability


Chapter 1  Matter in our surroundings

Chapter  2 Is matter around us pure

Chapter 3 Atoms and molecules

Chapter 4 Structure of  the atom

Chapter 5 The Fundamental units of life

Chapter 6 Tissues

Chapter 7 Diversity in living organisms

Chapter 8 Motion

Chapter 9 Force and laws of motions

Chapter 10 Gravitation

Chapter  11 Work and Energy

Chapter 12 Sound

Chapter  13 Why do we fall ill

Chapter  14 Natural Resources

Chapter 15 Improvement in food resources


Unit 1 Fiction

Unit 2 Fiction

Unit 3 Fiction

Unit 4 Fiction

Unit 5 Fiction

Unit 6 Poetry

Unit 8 Poetry

Unit 9 Poetry

Unit 10 Poetry

Unit 11 Poetry

Unit 12 Poetry

Unit 13 Drama

Unit 14 Drama

Unit 15 Drama

Social Science

Contemporary India I

Chapter 1 India size and location

Chapter 2 Physical Features of India

Chapter 3 Drainage

Chapter 4 Climate

Chapter 5 Natural vegetation and wild life

Chapter 6 Population

 India And The Contemporary World  I

Chapter 1 Events and processes

Chapter 2 Socialism in europe and the russion revolution

Chapter 3 Nazism and the rise of hitler

Chapter 4 Livelihoods economics and societies

Chapter 5 Pastroalists in the modern world

Chaptre 6 Peasants and farmers

Chapter 7 Everyday life culture and politics

Chapter 8 Clothing a social history


Chapter 1 The story of village palampur

Chapter 2 People as resource

Chapter 3 Poverty as a challange

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