Download Revision Notes for class 9 subject wise in pdf form.It will be very useful specially during the small gaps between exams.You can easily make a quick overview across all the topics through contains all the important points, formulas etc.which is very useful for the revision to be very effective.So download it and must go through it for the best level of preparation.


1: Number Systems
2: Polynomials
3: Coordinate Geometry
4: Linear Equations in Two Variables
5: Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry
6: Lines and Angles
7: Triangles
8: Quadrilaterals
9: Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles
10: Circles
11: Constructions
12: Heron’s Formula
13: Surface Areas and Volumes
14: Statistics
15: Probability

Social Science

India and the Contemporary World – 1 (History)

Section I: Events and Processes
1 : The French Revolution
2: Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution
3: Nazism and the Rise of Hitler
Section II: Livelihoods, Economics and Societies
4: Forest Society and Colonialism
5: Pastoralists in the Modern World
6: Peasants and Farmers
Section III: Everyday Life, Culture and Politics
7: History and Sport: The Story of Cricket
8: Clothing: A Social History

Contemporary India – 1 (Geography)

1: India – Size and Location
2: Physical Features of India
3: Drainage
4: Climate
5: Natural Vegetation and Wild Life
6: Population

Democratic Politics – I (Political Science)

1: Democracy in the Contemporary World
2: What is Democracy? Why Democracy?
3: Constitutional Design
4: Electoral Politics
5: Working of Institutions
6: Democratic Rights


1: The Story of Village Palampur
2: People as Resource
3: Poverty as a Challenge
4: Food Security in India

NCERT Books for Class 9 English


1: The Fun They Had
2: The Sound of Music
3: The Little Girl
4: A Truly Beautiful Mind
5: The Snake and the Mirror
6: My Childhood
7: Packing
8: Reach for the Top
9: The Bond of Love
10: Kathmandu
11: If I were you

Moments – Supplementary Reader

1: The Lost Child
2: The Adventures of Toto
3: Iswaran the Storyteller
4: In the Kingdom of Fools
5: The Happy Prince
6: Weathering the Storm in Ersama
7: The Last Leaf
8: A House is not a Home
9: The Accidental Tourist
10: The Beggar

NCERT Books for Class 9 Science – English

1. Matter in Our Surroundings
2. Is Matter Around Us Pure
3. Atoms and Molecules
4. Structure of the Atom
5. The Fundamental Unit of Life
6. Tissues
7. Diversity in Living Organisms
8. Motion
9. Force and Laws of Motion
10. Gravitation
11. Work and Energy
12. Sound
13. Why do We Fall ill
14. Natural Resources
15. Improvement in Food Resources

Revision Notes for class 9 will help you a lot for best utilisation of time gaps between examination.

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