Discipline In Winsight

Discipline in Winsight

  1. On admission to any course of study, every student submits himself/herself to disciplinary jurisdiction of the management of the Institute, the Incharge and other officials of the institute who may be vested with the authority to exercise discipline under Oliver Blue Education Pvt. Ltd. Rules and Regulations that have been or will be framed by the institute.


  1. The students are advised to keep themselves aware of the Institute rules. Ignorance of rules and regulations shall not be an excuse for violation.


  1. Lack of courtesy and decorum; unbecoming conduct within and outside the Institute; willful damage to Institute property, removal of any property belonging to the Institute, fellow students or other personnel and residents of the Institute; use of abusive and offensive language: disturbing fellow students in their studies; breach of rules and regulations of the Institute; adoption of unfair practices in tests, quizzes, assignments, or examinations; noisy and unruly behavior shall constitute violation of the code of conduct.


  1. Loud talking, loitering or congregating, being a source of distraction and annoyance to others is not permitted.
  2. Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in all classrooms of the institute. Use of cell phones would entail confiscation of the handset.


  1. Late arrival and early departure at or from a class are recorded as absence from the class. Students are not allowed to leave the institute during working hours without the permission of instructor.


  1. No responsibility will be accepted by the institute for any injury, loss or damage to the personal articles of students. Students are advised to look after their belongings.


  1. The students at the institute require attention and diligence. A student neglecting his / her studies and home work without any substantial reason will be given two warnings after which if he/ she fails to improve, he/she will be liable for expulsion from the institute.


  1. Students shall observe all safety precautions inside and outside of Winsight Campus, any ignorance towards safety can attract disciplinary actions.


  1. Playing with escalator, running or leaving 1st floor during class timing is strictly prohibited.


  1. The students are advised to see regularly the notices displayed on the Institute notice board. The notice displayed on notice board shall be deemed to have been served on the students


  1. The management of Oliver Blue Education Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to modify any of the Institute rules as and when necessary.


  1. Eatables are strictly prohibited in the classrooms.


  1. Nobody shall collect money from others in the Institute. If required, management can be approached for any emergency requirements.


  1. Any student who, is persistently insolent, or insubordinate or willfully and repeatedly commit mischief or is guilty of fraud or malpractice or who in the opinion of management, is likely to have an unwholesome influence on his fellow students or tarnish the reputation of the institution shall be removed from the rolls; the removal shall be either temporary or   permanent subject to the gravity of the misconduct.


  1. Students must maintain the sitting arrangements of their respective class and are not permitted to enter other classes.


  1. Students may utilize free hours for clearing their doubts or they may sit inside their own class room without disturbing the nearby classes.


  1. Use of institutional books without permission is not allowed.


  1. Hanging around inside / outside the mall after the class timings is not allowed. However if needed, with a valid reason students can wait inside the classroom.


  1. Absentee during tests without any valid reason will attract penalty.


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