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Lets you receive sustained, personalized attention from your teacher, the one who knows students weak points

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Take advantage of dedicated faculty allotted to you for your registered course. They are member of our in-house faculty


Make your day more efficient with flexible timings, you may choose 10:00 PM or 6:00 PM, we make sure that your teacher is available for you

Comfortable Feel

No running for coaching, no rush for home tuition. Now, always feel comfortable and relaxed at home that too with your live class going on.

Winsight does not offer recorded videos. We encourage and offer human to human interaction, live online classes, during which student can talk to teacher, can discuss doubts. Our teachers are rigorous and come with assignments, notes, quiz, tips etc.

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Recent Studies show that online learning does not sacrifice the quality of the education . Read the following New York Times article and Case Study by U.S Dept. of Education.

Online Learning Beats the Classroom
Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies

To reduce the personal tuition cost most of the family choose Online Group Tutoring. Having a group of students willing to register for the same course is prerequisite in such a case. It does not anywhere affect the quality of lectures being delivered by Winsight faculty. Although it may help each other to understand the topic better and discuss doubts.

Interested in Online Personal Tuition? We would love to give you Information about Fee and Course Structure.

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