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About Winsight Class 10th Science Notes

If you find Science difficult, we provide you the study material to make you understand Science in an easy and systematic way. Board Students of class 10th  are a lot confused in deciding the perfect science Book to read with. As a lot of publication and writers had published their books, well advertise, and make easily available in the market. So it is very difficult and important to choose the perfect science book. We are here to help and guide you in the selecting best NCERT SCIENCE BOOK for class 10th for their reading. In these notes, you will find experiment steps and their results, exercise, solved exercises, observation and conclusion, the activity of element, and correct formation in one place. It will be a full package for your revision.  Our notes will help them score well in the exam.


 Why Should I buy Winsight’s Notes:

  1. In-depth knowledge of this subject: This notes will give you an in-depth and detailed knowledge of this subject, to know the core of any concept.
  1. Pinpointed concepts and formulas – These notes are specially designed and loaded with a brainstorming concept that will help and encourage students in solving competitive level problems easily, speedily with more accuracy.
  1. Updated patterns These class 10th Science notes will keep students updated with the latest trends, patterns, and question picking areas of the exam.
  1. Time-efficient These class 10th maths notes are written in such a way that students can recollect all their concepts in very less time.
  1. Brainstorming – It has concepts in such a way that it can help students in evaluating their preparation very smoothly.
  1. Competition level practice problemsUseful for CBSE Exams, NTSE, all India, all other important scholarship, and other competitive exams for 10th class.
  1. Quick revision– It is very useful for the last moment preparation during the time of exams.
  1. Included Previous Year questionsThese notes have all the previous year questions asked in CBSE and NCERT reputed school of all over India.
 Keeping all these features in your mind please refer to our notes to help and boost yourself in preparation for the exam.



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The entire syllabus divided into 6 modules, a brief introduction is here:

Module 1


This module contains chemical reactions, metal effect in different climates, the process of an experiment, examples of different kind of metal, metal compound, formula equation, 

  1. Chemical Reaction & Equation
  2. Acid, Bases & Salts
  3. Metal & Non-Metal



Module 2


In this module, you will learn about battery, electricity, production, and reaction of different kind of electric experiment, resistors, unit of power, voltage, voltmeter, current supply, field intensity, and changes, light, convention of a spherical mirror, a reflection of lights, rays, olympiads


  1. Optics


Module 3


  1. Nutrition (Animals and plants) 
  2. Respiration (Animals and plants) 
  3. Circulatory system 
  4. Transportation in Plants 
  5. Excretion Animals 
  6. Excretion Plants 
  7. Our Environment 
  8. Management of Natural Resources


Module 4


  1. Magnetic effect and electric current
  2. Resource of energy
  3. Environment ( Biotic & Abiotic compound )
  4. Management of natural resources


Module 5


  1. Control & Coordination
  2. How do organisms reproduce
  3. Genetic
  4. Reproduction
  5. Organic & Evolution
  6. Animal reproduction


Module 6


Carbon and it’s compound, periodic classification of elements, covalent compound, organic compound, properties and structure of an element, formula, and structure of carbon

  1. Carbon and it’s compound 
  2. Periodic classification of elements


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