Why Winsight?

Student specific teaching: Winsight understands that every student is unique. The level of assimilation and retention of each student is different; which is why Winsight also provides regular revision classes, and tests to assess understanding of the subjects. Based on the performance, additional help is provided to students who face difficulty in that topic.

Faculty: Winsight’s faculty members are well-grounded in the fundamentals of teaching and serve as consultants and advisors to students for their personal and academic growth. Our faculty members challenge their students, share insights gained through professional experience and communicate the knowledge they’ve spent a lifetime acquiring. They’re supportive in the classroom, active in the community and committed to teaching.

Regular tests: Winsight conducts tests regularly to gauge the understanding and preparation of students. The tests are based on the portions that are covered during the course of the week. These tests are evaluated by the faculty and areas of improvement are mapped out to the student. Based on this mapping, relevant strategies are suggested to the student.

Time and stress management: the idea behind an intensive program is not just to make a student familiar with subject matter. The program should also familiarise the student with time and stress management. Today’s fast paced world expects professionals to perform even under stressful conditions. Winsight teaches students to achieve such discipline in their formative years so they are not disadvantaged later.

Crash Courses: For students who wish to take up an intensive crash program to boost their performance before attempting the exam, Winsight offers one month program immediately after the board exams that prepares them for the upcoming exams.

Extensive study material: Study materials at Winsight are compiled with meticulous planning and laborious attention to detail. They are put together in a manner that enables easy understanding.
Specifically designed study materials and test papers by subject experts on the basis of latest pattern of entrance exams, are provided.

Revision Classes: These classes serve as catalyst in strengthening the confidence of weak, non-serious and shy students parallel to that of the toppers.

Work Culture: It creates a hub of entrepreneurs because everyone owns his role & responsibility giving the best performance.

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