Class 9th Social Science Study Materials

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About Winsight Class 9th Social Science Notes

Class 9th Social science notes are designed, and cross-checked by our experienced faculty members of Winsights includes all the important dates, events, places highlighted and revision summary which is important for the exams point of view, along with it come with all the subjective features as demanded by CBSE board and also useful for the objective exam pattern which is recommended by NTSE and NCERTthis notes these notes have all the subjective features which are very important from the exam point of view. Along with these, it has all features as demanded by exam pattern. A huge number of students and teachers are using our notes in all the reputed schools and organizations of India and these notes will also help you to write more detailed and elaborate answers.


Why Should I Buy Winsight’s Notes?

  1. In-depth knowledge of this subject: This notes will give you an in-depth and detailed knowledge of this subject, to know the core of any concept.
  1. Updated patterns– These class 10th maths notes will keep students updated with the latest trends, patterns, and question picking areas of the exam.
  1. Time-efficient – These class 9th Social Science notes are written in such a way that students can recollect all their concepts in very less time.
  1. Brainstorming – It has concepts in such a way that it can help students in evaluating their preparation very smoothly.
  1. Competition level practice problems– Useful for CBSE Exams, NTSE, all India, all other important scholarship, and other competitive exams
  1. Quick revision– It is very useful for the last moment preparation during the time of exams.
  1. Included Previous Year questions– These notes have all the previous year questions asked in CBSE and NCERT reputed school of all over India.
 Keeping all these features in your mind please refer to our notes to help and boost yourself in preparation for the exam.
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We divided Social Science entire notes into 4 Modules, they are:


Module 1


  1. The French Revolution
  2. Socialism in Europe & The Russian Revolution
  3. India-Size & Location
  4. Physical Features of India


Module 2


  1. History: Nazism and Rise of Hitler
  2. History: Pastoralist in the Modern World
  3. Geography: Drainage 
  4. Geography: Climate 
  5.  Civics: Designing of Democracy in India
  6.  Economics: People as a Resource


Module 3


  1. History: Forest Society and Colonialism
  2. History: Peasants and Farmers 
  3. Civics: What is Democracy? Why Democracy?
  4. Civics: Constitutional Design 
  5. Civics: Electoral Politics 
  6. Geography: Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
  7. Economics: Poverty as A Challenge


Module 4


  1. History: History and Sport: The Story of Cricket
  2. History: Clothing: A Social History 
  3. Geography: Population 
  4. Civics: Working of Institutions 
  5. Civics: Democratic Rights 
  6. Economics: Food Security

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