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5 Things to Do for a Rock Solid Revision Plan for Board Examination

5 Things to Do for a Rock Solid Revision Plan for Board Examination


The New Year is over and for those who are in Class 12, March and the dreaded Board Exams are just round the corner. It’s natural that most of us pay more attention to your medical or engineering entrance exam preparation but the Board Exams constitute much more than what you are preparing for JEE or AIPMT exams.

The importance of getting good marks in Board Examinations cannot be emphasized enough – and it’s high time that you start revising for them.

4 Chapters per Week per Subject: It’s already January. You should target to finish your revisions by the end of February. Ideally, you should target to revise 4 chapters of each subject in a week.

Revise thoroughly. It means that you might need to devote more time to chapters that you find difficult. Read through all the explanations and extra facts given in NCERT books. Do not ignore ‘Extra Facts’ as they are often asked in the question paper.

Derivations are Important: In subjects like Physics, derivations of formulas and concepts are very important and carry heavy weightage in board exam papers. While memorizing derivations is crucial, the more you read them, more it will become easier to understand them and you won’t have to resort to rote learning methods to get them right.

Formulas and concepts derived in detail in NCERT books are of course the most important ones for board exam preparation.

Find Board Exam Questions in NCERT Books: If you want to score well in board exams, learn answers of all the questions in NCERT textbooks well. You can find questions after each important concept in the chapter and after every chapter. These questions are often asked as 1 or 2 mark short answer questions in board exam papers.

Graphs & Diagrams: CBSE includes at least two Graph-based questions in Mathematics paper of Class XII board exams every year. They carry several minute details that can fetch you some easy marks like labeling the axes correctly, choosing the correct scale etc. Area-based graph questions are especially intriguing. Graphs questions generally carry 6 marks each. So, practice well.

Just as Graphs are important in Maths, diagrams are very important for subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. They assist your explanation and are heavily scoring. Anatomy in Biology, Laboratory equipments and experiments in Physics, and Electrochemistry or Solid State in Chemistry are some of the diagrams that are often asked in board exams. Revise and practice your diagrams regularly to score well in such subjects.ng and frequently asked

Tips for English Literature: When you study English Literature, it might help you jot down important lines and quotes from plays, stories and poems…and explanations line by line. It makes it easier to revise them on the day before the exam.

Do not ignore Literature. After all, marks in 5 subjects are counted as qualification criteria of engineering and medical entrance exams too.



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