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Top 5 Myths about IIT JEE that you should know!

A lot of students are really scared of the JEE! To the point they believe that the JEE is an impossible quest. This is because there are a large number of myths which surround the JEE making it appear to be tougher than it really is. Let’s examine some of them…

MYTH 1: JEE Preparation needs to start from the Class 9th itself

Many people believe that success in the JEE is simply a matter of practice. The more you practice, the better your chances. Thus, starting JEE preparation early helps. After all, if you start in the 6th or the 9th, you definitely are ahead. You learned more concepts. You solved more numericals! You have an edge!

This is a myth!  In reality, the JEE is a test of how well you have understood the fundamentals and how able you are to apply them in “tricky” problems.  If you have an innate ability for Maths & Science, you can start your preparation from the 11th itself. A smart kid can start from the middle of the 11th itself.  Why?

  1. There is no science/maths you are learning from 6th -8thwhich will help you for the JEE.  The only skill you learn at this stage is the ability to apply your mind and solve a textbook problem without external help.


  2. In the 9th & 10th your basic fundamentals in Science/Maths need to be very clear. Nothing new beyond the curriculum needs to be taught. But you should be good at solving the problems in your textbook.
All IIT level concepts can be taught in the 11th itself. What matters is your conceptual understanding and speed, not how long you have been preparing.


MYTH 2: “I have to work like a dog for this. And still study for my Boards. I can’t do it!!”

Some believe that JEE success is directly proportional to how much you study. More the hours you work, the higher your chances of clearing the exam. So there are classes which run for 20 hours or more face time and then expect you to solve problems at home. And then there are some which make you slog from 5am-11pm!!!

This is a total myth!

You can burn out and not even attempt the exam. You do more harm than good if you sign up for stuff like this! And your entire life is on hold! And your performance in the Boards suffers!

What pays off is Smart work, not excessive effort applied wrongly!

If you are intelligent, and study smartly, you need about 2 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a year of focussed effort. So you can start even now and have a reasonable chance! And leave time for prepare for your Boards. Provided you plan out your work properly. And have the inherent ability! And ability is God given. It can’t be developed by extra coaching!  

MYTH 3: My Board’s syllabus (ISC/Matriculation/CBSE/A levels) doesn’t cover the JEE syllabus.

As far as science and Maths is concerned, all board syllabi cover roughly the same core concepts.  Newton’s Laws of Motion, Optics, Electrostatics are taught in all the curriculums.  No board leaves out  Quadratics, Probability, Trignometry, Coordinate Geometry, Functions and Calculus.   

What is different is the level of complexity of the problems in the JEE. So you are not learning new concepts per se. Just learning to apply the concepts differently.

Definitely how the concepts were taught to you matters a lot.  If your school spoon fed you the answers, then you are lost! But if your school taught you to think independently and apply your own mind to solving problems, it doesn’t matter which board you come from.

MYTH 4: The exam is a monster!

Definitely the JEE is an excellent filter for the best and the brightest engineering students. But that doesn’t mean you have to be an Einstein to crack it! If you are smart, enjoy problem solving, have an analytical bent of mind and can work independently, you stand a good chance!

MYTH 5: There are 4.5 lakh people taking the exam! How will I compete against them???

Hey! Come on! These are not lakhs of Einsteins taking the exam. They are just kids like you. Or worse… If you have been among the smarter ones in you class in Maths/Science, you have a talent and interest in problem solving, why worry about the rest? You have to worry how best you can do. Not about how the others perform.

The Intelligent student’s guide to the JEE….

To succeed in the JEE, you need
  • Strong fundamentals in Math & Science and an intelligence to grasp the concepts clearly, quickly and apply them in new, unfamiliar situations.
  • A love for mental challenges and a desire to learn. 
  • Stamina, focus and self discipline to sustain the effort for two years.
  • Mental toughness, competitive spirit and drive to crack the exam.
  • Self confidence
In short, mental ability, self discipline and confidence are key.
If you have these, you have a good chance to clear the JEE.  
What you now need to use these intelligently and prepare yourself for the exam. All the best! 🙂



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